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Creekers Jamboree: Ukulele Cabaret “Underwater Adventure”

September 9, 5 pm8 pm.

Celebrate the shifting of the seasons with an Underwater Adventure costume and musical cavalcade! Hosted by Sonic Uke, and featuring Amie Amis, The Buttery Barmaids, Gio Gaynor, J. Walter Hawkes, Jamie Scandal with Alan Drogin, John Vitale, Katie Down, Les Chauds Lapins, Les Natural Blondies, Liz Schnore, Pete Sturman, Rush Kress, Uke Goldberg and Ukelinda – the show will take you on a nautical journey through space, time and beyond. Dress to impress! For eighteen years the Ukulele Cabaret has provided a stage for musicians, artists and performers from New York’s underground ukulele scene.