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Where the Water Goes Exhibit

This event has already taken place.Mondays – Saturdays, 11 am – 4 pm, through Nov. 22, 2023;
Pat Hickman – attheedge 96 wall x 18’6 x 32 depth

WHERE THE WATER GOES Exhibition with artists: Maya Ciarrocchi, Tarryl Gabel, Mara Haseltine, Pat Hickman, Basia Irland, Sto Len, and Mary Mattingly.

Water covers more than 70% of the planet and more than 40,000 cubic kilometers (nearly 10,000 cubic miles) of water pours from Earth’s rivers into the sea:  Is it any wonder that we treat water as though it were in infinite supply?  It can be hard to imagine that there could be a global water crisis.  Yet billions of people experience a lack of available or clean water.  Three percent of the Earth is fresh water and that includes the water encased in glaciers.  Of that 3%, only half is usable for drinking.  Different regions of the world face different challenges, including resources that are polluted or are drying up completely.

Where the Water Goes explores water as a universal concern.  The artists will focus specifically on such themes as: the necessity of water for life; the ever-changing flow of and scarcity of water; water pollution/solution; climate change; the recreation and the sheer beauty of water which is conversely a force that can wreak havoc and destruction on us.  Specifically, we will look at our surrounding area of the Hudson River and how we are affected by and inspired by this waterway.  The exhibition presents these works of art, with a uniquely local lens, as the starting point for discussions about these critical water-based issues. This exhibition highlights the creativity of artists to bring awareness of how we can be better stewards of our Water, while celebrating this essential natural resource.


27 S. Greenbush Rd.
West Nyack, United States